After a lot of hard work by my student Adil Yalcin (now a Ph.D.!), our paper on his Keshif system is set to appear in IEEE TVCG!

Keshif is an insanely powerful and elegant faceted data browser that uses embedded web-based visualizations to support deep dive analytics in tabular data.

M. Adil Yalcin, Niklas Elmqvist, Benjamin B. Bederson (2017): Keshif: Rapid and Expressive Tabular Data Exploration for Novices. In: IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, 2017.

The paper has been published as a preprint on IEEE Xplore here, and we’ll find out later when it will actually appear in the journal.

Keshif is now also a budding new startup company, with Adil as the founder and CEO. I look forward to seeing what Adil will do with this amazing platform in the future.