Niklas Elmqvist, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University of Maryland, College Park



A Punch Is Just A Punch: Generating vs. Editing Text

In which I talk about two separate parts of the writing process.

For the Love of Writing

My thoughts on the most important skill for the academic.

Graceful Refocusing: Designing Fault-Tolerant HCI Evaluations

My thoughts on recovering from poor results in HCI evaluation and salvaging your experiment.

The Myth of the Infallible Professor

Dispelling the notion that professors have to know everything.

Who Owns an Idea?

Behind the scenes of my surrogate interaction project.

3D Visualization for Nonspatial Data: Guidelines and Challenges

My thoughts and guidelines on visualizing non-3D data using 3D graphics.

A Scorecard for Reviewing

Motivation, design, and feedback on the reviewer scorecard program at IEEE InfoVis 2016 and 2017.

Plotting Your Paper

My guide for scientific paper writing based on starting from an outline and gradually fleshing it out into a full paper.

Writing Effective Revision Response Letters

My thoughts on writing effective response letters for journal revisions.

Writing Rebuttals

My take on writing rebuttals.

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