Niklas Elmqvist, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University of Maryland, College Park



Plotting Your Paper

My guide for scientific paper writing based on starting from an outline and gradually fleshing it out into a full paper.

Writing Effective Revision Response Letters

My thoughts on writing effective response letters for journal revisions.

Writing Rebuttals

My take on writing rebuttals.

Dealing with Rejection

Strategies I tell my students for dealing with inevitable paper rejections.

What Happens in the InfoVis Reviewing Process?

Reflections on IEEE InfoVis 2016 from the Papers Co-Chairs.

Mistakes Reviewers Make

Common mistakes that many reviewers, particularly new ones, tend to make when writing their reviews. 

Top Scientific Conferences and Journals in InfoVis

These are the top conferences and journals in the field of information visualization. 

Advice on Joining the InfoVis Community

My informal guide for how to join the IEEE InfoVis scientific community for new students, industry professionals, and established scientists from other fields. 

How to Review HCI/Visualization Papers

My guidelines on writing good and helpful reviews for papers in the human-computer interaction and visualization research fields.

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