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Preparing for the Big Day

Guidelines for defending your Ph.D. proposal or dissertation. So, you’re finally at the point when you are about to defend your Ph.D. dissertation. In the United States, this is generally a two-stage process: first you write and orally defend your dissertation… Continue Reading →

Is There Shame in Resubmitting?

In which I explore the surprising resistance against resubmitting work after rejection.

In Memory of Georges Grinstein: Is There Magic in Visualization?

In which I reflect on my first meeting with the late Georges Grinstein.

The Arrogance of Authors

When responding to reviews, fix your paper and not just your response!

How Much Reviewing?

In which I give some numbers on the amount of reviewing that I do on an annual basis.

3D Visualization for Nonspatial Data: Guidelines and Challenges

My thoughts and guidelines on visualizing non-3D data using 3D graphics.

A Scorecard for Reviewing

Motivation, design, and feedback on the reviewer scorecard program at IEEE InfoVis 2016 and 2017.

An Appeal Not to Appeal

Why you should reconsider appealing conference rejections.

It’s the Reviews, Silly

The role of peer review in highly selective conferences in visualization and HCI.

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