Abhinav Shrivastava

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University (Robotics)

Abhinav Shrivastava is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science with an appointment in UMIACS and a member of the University of Maryland Center for Machine Learning.

Shrivastava’s research focuses on artificial intelligence—particularly as it relates to computer vision, machine learning, and robotics.

He is also involved in related fields such as graphics, natural language processing, human-computer interaction, systems, data-mining, and cognitive and computational neuroscience. His longterm goal is to equip machines with visual perception abilities, which enables them to understand and respond to their surroundings.

Shrivastava previously served as a visiting research scientist at Google Research. He also received a doctoral fellowship from Microsoft Research in 2014.

He received his doctorate in robotics from the Robotics Institute (School of Computer Science) at Carnegie Mellon University in 2017.

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