Ian Miers

Assistant Professor
5242 Iribe Center
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (Computer Science)

Ian Miers is an assistant professor of computer science and a core member of the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.

His research focuses on computer security and applied cryptography.

Miers’s work takes a context-driven approach to making cryptographic systems secure, reasoning backwards from real world problems to design deployable cryptographic protocols that address the subtleties of security for production systems. This includes Zerocoin and Zerocash, the first systems to provide strongly private payments on top of public blockchains.

He is also focused on improving the security of mobile messaging, including attacks on iMessage and new techniques for forward secure encryption that guard against the exposure of encryption keys.

Before coming to UMD, Miers was a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell Tech. He also worked on adding privacy to various cryptocurrencies.

Miers received his doctorate in computer science from Johns Hopkins University in 2017.

Go here to view Miers’s academic publications on Google Scholar.