Jun Nishida

Assistant Professor
5144 Iribe Center
Ph.D., University of Tsukuba (Human Informatics)

Jun Nishida is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. He is also an instructor in the Immersive Media Design program.

Nishida’s research interests lie in exploring interaction techniques where people can communicate their embodied experiences to support each other in the fields of rehabilitation, education and design. To this end, he designs wearable interfaces for people to share their embodied experiences by means of electrical muscle simulation, exoskeletons, and virtual and augmented reality systems, along with psychological knowledge.

Nishida was most recently a postdoctoral fellow at the Human Integration Lab at the University of Chicago.

He has been honored with numerous awards, including an ACM UIST Best Paper Award, Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Award, and the Forbes 30 Under 30 Award.

Nishida received his doctoral degree in human informatics from the University of Tsukuba in 2019.

Go here to view his academic publications on Google Scholar.